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Route to Malaysia's Top Universities

University Enrolment

Through strategic collaboration with various Malaysia's Public & Private Universities, Uni Assist becomes the preferred one-stop centre that opens Direct  Access to various full-time academic programmes for post-secondary school leavers with as well as part-time programmes for adult learners for their career development.

Our Student Recruitment Specialist with extensive experience in university recruitment and admission will help and facilitate you throughout the journey to the programme and university of your choice.

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Alternative Channel to Public Universities

The Admission Scenario through UPU...


Stiff competition to gain entry into public universities: MOHE


Scenarios when the UPU results are announced:

  1. Some students will get an offer for the programme they applied for and in the field they are interested in.

  2. While some other students either get an offer but in a field that is not in their interest or do not get any offer at all.

    This is due to intense competition in the selection and offering through UPU, especially for popular programmes with a limited number of places at Public HEIs. 

We certainly and truly understand the frustration you are experiencing. 


You may not want to sacrifice your future by accepting programme offers that are not in your interest.   Based on past experience, students went through difficulties and some are struggled throughout their studies in addition to difficulties in employment and career development upon graduation.

Realizing this fact, we have taken the initiative to help students like you so that you can still pursue the programme in the field of study you are interested in.

This initiative is through "Direct Intake" or "Alternative Channel" offered by our partner Public Universities. It is a worthwhile investment as students will get the opportunity to pursue their dream programme with brighter career prospects. 

Uni Assist aims to help students to pursue their studies at the best universities in Malaysia. Hence, the services provided are free of charge to students and parents.


Application through the "Direct Intake" is through a separate university system and does not have any effect on your application at UPU.


  • Programme of Your Choice

  • Best University Options

  • Effortless Application Process

  • ​​​Fast Admission Result

  • Seamless Student Enrolment

Open to post-secondary school applicants with:

  • Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM)

  • Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM)

  • KPM (MOE) Matriculation/Foundation

  • Diploma

  • A Level

  • International Baccalaureate

  • Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

Open to post-secondary school applicants with:

  • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)


  • GCSE

  • GCE-O Level

  • Sijil Vokasional Malaysia (SVM)

  • Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM Level 3)

  • Sijil Kolej Komuniti (SKK Level 3)

  • Certificate (Level 3)

Discover Your Career Prospects


Courtesy of

Jobs directly relevant:

Applications developer
Game developer
Multimedia programmer
Multimedia specialist
SEO specialist
UX designer
UX researcher
Web content manager
Web designer
Web developer

Jobs where your degree may be useful:

Cyber security analyst
Database administrator
Digital marketer
Information systems manager
IT sales professional
Software engineer
Software tester
Systems analyst
Technical author

Enrol now through UniAssist.
Our services is absolutely FREE for you

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Preparations for University Enrolment

Identify and define your area of interest. The key is to find something that close to your heart and you will enjoy learning about.

Identify the field of study and choose the right programme that suits your interests.

Check the list of programmes offered through Uni Assist

Explore the career prospects of the chosen programme.

Check the career prospects of your chosen programme; and

Take the test to find out the best career for your interests and aptitude)

Check your eligibility whether you meet the entry requirements of the chosen programme.

Complete the Pre-Assessment Form now for Uni Assist review assistance


If you meet the admission requirements of the chosen programme, prepare all copies of the documents according to the university application requirements. Uni Assist will guide you throughout the application process.

If you do not meet the requirements of the preferred programme, do not worry, Uni Assist will recommend a programme that meets your qualifications.

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