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  • How do I apply through Direct Intake?
    You may apply through Uni Assist website which offers a wide range of university and programme selection: Fill-up the Pre Assessment Form Uni Assist will check your qualification for the chosen programme If qualified, Uni Assist will guide you through the university Online Application. You need to provide all necessary documents as required by the prospective university. If you didn't fulfilled the entry requirements, Uni Assist will recommend other programme that meets your qualifications and assist you on the application process.
  • What is the University Direct Intake?
    The direct intake refers to a pathway for students to gain admission to Malaysia's Public Universities without having to go through the traditional centralized application process administered by the Malaysian Higher Education Ministry's admission system or better known as UPU.
  • Are there any payment required for Uni Assist services?
    Our services are free of charge. However, the university may charge a standard processing fees for application purposes. We will advise you on the charges if there are any, once you are eligible to proceed for the university online application.
  • What are the services provided by Uni Assist?
    The establishment of Uni Assist is mainly to help students to pursue higher education at Malaysia's top universities without going through the centralised admission system or UPU. Through strategic collaboration with various Malaysia's Public & Private Universities, Uni Assist becomes the preferred one-stop centre that opens Direct Access to various full-time academic programmes for school leavers with SPM/O Level and equivalent qualifications as well as part-time programmes for adult learners for their career development. Our Student Recruitment Specialist with extensive experience in university recruitment and admission will help and facilitate you throughout the journey to the programme and university of your choice.
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