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Career path: Should you follow the money or your passion?

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It's long been simmering inside you: A hankering to fulfill your career dream. It might be starting your own restaurant, tending sheep in the great outdoors, or becoming a social media influencer. But what if doing what you love for a living barely makes ends meet? Should you choose your passion or an ample pay cheque?

There’s no one answer to this question. Everyone’s different, with different needs, and their choice of occupation should vary accordingly, experts say.

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Best Careers For the Next 10 Years

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When thinking about your future, consider which career paths have the strongest job prospects. These in-demand roles project a much faster than average growth rate compared to other jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By researching job market trends for the next decade, you can determine which promising careers best suit your interests or abilities and start working toward them. In this article, we provide over 30 jobs that will be in high demand over the next 10 years.

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Looking for a new career? Here are 30 high-paying, fast growing jobs that are set to boom over the next decade

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We used 2021-2031 employment projections and 2021 wage data to find high-paying jobs likely to grow.
Managerial, tech, and medical jobs like registered nurses made up some of the top 30 occupations.

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Factors to be considered while choosing the program of study

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Major Factor 1: Interest/ Passion

These two words have been extensively used/exploited by all gurus and often the parents. But while choosing the program, parents usually ignore the aspirations & interest of kids. Their logical, analytical and even neighbors mind starts working together and decide blindly that if my kid studies this program he/she will prosper.

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Lifelong learning a pathway to success

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A study by the American Society of Training and Documentation found that the rapid development of knowledge nowadays has made its lifespan shorter.

“Therefore, it is important for an individual to continuously improve his knowledge and skills to deal with changes either in terms of technology, skills, working methods, policies and procedures. Be ready to compete with other individuals who are always trying to improve their knowledge from time to time.

“This is to ensure that their knowledge and skills are always relevant to the needs and requirements of the current job market and to face competition, especially from the younger generation, many of whom have qualifications and skills that are more recent.

Courtesy of The New Straits Times

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