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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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What is a Direct Channel?

Direct Channel is an alternative to the application at UPU Online which is opened by public universities specifically for candidates with SPM/STPM and equivalent and coordinated centrally under one stop center at Uni Assist. Applications are made directly to the university after the qualification assessment by Uni Assist.


Is this programme offered by the "Private Wing" of a public university?

Most public universities now have commercial units dedicated to promoting and managing student admissions through Direct Channels. However, the teaching and learning activities of all programmes are still managed by the relevant faculty, and the awarding of academic certification is entirely under the university.

Why do Public Universities open entry routes through Direct Channels?

The Direct Channel offered by the Public University aims to provide other alternatives and opportunities especially for students who did not get the programme of their choice due to stiff competition (merit) at UPU. However, the places allocated through this Direct Channel are very limited especially for popular programmes subject to those who make an application and give an early commitment.

Which Public Universities open Direct Channels?

Public universities that open entry routes through Direct Channels include UM, UTM, UKM, USM, UPM, UIAM, UUM, UMPSA, UTeM and UMS.

However, Uni Assist currently only manages Direct Channel admissions for UTM, UIAM, UMPSA and UTeM.


What programmes are offered through Direct Channels?

Direct Channel opens admissions for programmes at Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree level.

Are the programmes offered through Direct Channel the same as the programmes offered through UPU  Online?

Almost all programmes offered through Direct Channel are also offered through UPU Online except UTM Foundation and Diploma programmes and UMPSA Foundation programme which are only available through Direct Channel.

Are the programmes offered open to all?

The programmes offered through the Direct Channel are open to all Malaysian and international applicants who meet the entry requirements.


What is the difference between applying through UPUOnline compared to the Direct Channel?


  • No Competition
    Applicants do not have to compete for the programme and university of their choice as in UPU. This is because there are many students who excel in SPM/STPM or equivalent qualifications will apply for programmes at UPU Online, especially for popular programmes such as Medicine, Law, Engineering and others.


  • No Merit Assessment
    There are a large number of students who meet the eligibility requirements at UPU Online but do not get an offer because the competition is based on merit. Unlike the application at UPU Online, the application through the Direct Channel does not require consideration of the applicant's merit score as a prerequisite for admission. Through the Direct Channel, students only need to meet the programme's minimum admission requirements to get an offer.


  • Opportunities for Other Qualifications that are not available on UPU Online
    Opening the way for applicants with qualifications not opened by UPU Online such as IGCSE/ GCSE and GCE O-Level to apply to public universities.



Is the student admission calendar through the Direct Channel the same as the Mainstream?

The admission calendar for programmes offered through the Direct Channel is the same as the Mainstream (UPU Online).


Are the entry requirements through the Direct Channel the same as the Mainstream?

Entry requirements through the Direct Channel are the same as the Mainstream programme.


What qualifications are accepted to apply through the Direct Channel?

Open to applicants with the following qualifications:





Does my application through the Direct Channel affect my chances of applying at UPU Online?

Students may apply simultaneously on both application channels, namely UPU Online and Direct Channels. This is because applications through the Direct Channel are through a separate university system and do not affect student applications on UPU Online. If the student does not get an offer of the preferred programme at UPU Online, the student still has a chance to get a place for the programme through the Direct Channel provided the candidate meets the prescribed qualifications.


Will I get offers from both channels i.e. UPU Online and Direct Channels if eligible?

Students who apply through the Direct Channel and meet the programme entry requirements will be granted a conditional offer. If a student gets an offer of any programme through UPU Online and accepts the offer, then the University will not make an offer through the Direct Channel to the student even if they are eligible. However, for UTM Foundation and Diploma programmes and UMPSA Foundation, students will get an offer from the relevant university even if they have received an offer of other programme through UPU Online.


What are my chances of getting an offer of the preferred programme I am interested in through Direct Channel if I am not offered through UPU Online?

Candidates who meet the admission requirements of the preferred programme still has a chance to get an offer through the Direct Channel even if they do not get an offer on UPU Online.


What is the process to apply through the Direct Channel?

Online applications can be made at Uni Assist's official website:

  1. Check the university info and programmes offered

  2. Check the admission requirements of your preferred programme

  3. Complete the Qualification Assessment Form and attach copy of qualification.

  4. Uni Assist will check the candidate's qualifications before applying to the university's application system. This is to ensure that only eligible students continue to complete the application as there are universities that charge a non-refundable processing fee (UTM: RM50 and UIAM: RM100).


When is the closing date for applications through the Direct Channel?

For Foundation and Diploma programmes:

  • UTM       : 14 Jun 2024

  • UIAM      : 18 Jun 2024

  • UMPSA   :15 Jun 2024


Can I confirm the acceptance of the Direct Channel offer after the result of the UPU Online application is announced?

Yes, candidates may confirm acceptance after the announcement of UPU Online results.


Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM)

Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM)

Matrikulasi/Asasi KPM


A Level

International Baccalaureate

Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)



GCE-O Level

Sijil Vokasional Malaysia (SVM)

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM Level 3)

Sijil Kolej Komuniti (SKK Level 3)

Sijil (Level 3)


Is the program fee through the Direct Channel the same as the Mainstream programme?

Fees for programmes offered through the Direct Channel are at full rate (without subsidy). This is because candidates are offered admission opportunities for their chosen programmes based on academic requirements only without competition on merit.


How much is the difference in fees through the Direct Channel compared to the Mainstream?

For the Mainstream programme, the Government subsidizes at a rate of 70-90% of the full fee.


How to pay tuition fees?

All fee payments must be made directly to the university in accordance with the payment method specified in the offer letter.

Why are Direct Channels fees higher than Mainstream programme?

The full fee charged through this Direct Channel Programme is intended to raise additional funds for the university, especially for student activities and to improve teaching and learning facilities on campus.

Are funding opportunities available for Direct Channels?

Students can get funding opportunities from PTPTN (except for Foundation programmes). Parents who have EPF Savings may also make education withdrawals (Account 2) for their children to continue their studies. In addition, there are also central/state government agencies that provide funds and financing assistance in addition to scholarships by Foundations and financial institutions. Please check the funding info at the following link:



Are the classes for Direct Channels separate from the Mainstream programme?

The Direct Channel is only a channel for program admission applications. After registering, students will attend learning sessions and other activities together with students from the Mainstream.

Are hostels available for Direct Channel students?

Direct Channel students are also provided with dormitory facilities at least for the first year of study.

Am I given access to other facilities on campus?

Yes. Direct Channel students will enjoy all other facilities just like other Mainstream students.


Am I guaranteed a place to continue studying for a Bachelor's Degree after completing the Foundation/Diploma?

The Foundation programme is intended as a "feeder" for the Bachelor's Degree programme for universities that offer the programme. Students who pass the Foundation studies will automatically be absorbed into the university's Bachelor's Degree programme. However, the choice and offer of the Bachelor's Degree programme is subject to the student's academic achievement at the Foundation level.

Diploma Graduates will also have the opportunity to continue their studies to a Bachelor's Degree at the same university with the advantage of credit transfer subject to the programme they are applying for.

How do I apply for a Bachelor's Degree programme after completing my Foundation/ Diploma studies?

For applications to the same university, applications can be made directly to the university without going through UPU Online.

Is there a chance for me to apply for the Mainstream Bachelor's Degree after completing the Foundation/Direct Channel Diploma?

Foundation/Diploma graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies to the Bachelor's Degree (Mainstream programme with subsidized fees) provided they meet the CGPA requirements as set for the programme applied for. Applications can be made directly to the relevant university for studies at the same university or through UPU Online (except IIUM Foundation) for applications to other public universities.


Can I apply to continue my studies at another Higher Learning Institutions (HEIs) after completing the Foundation/Diploma studies?

In addition to continuing studies at the same university:

  • Students (except for IIUM Foundation) may apply to other public universities through the application through UPU Online

  • Students may also apply to continue their studies at Private HEIs or abroad.


Free University Application Support from Uni Assist

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Filling Out a Form


Before we proceed with the programme application, we will check your eligibility to ensure that you meet the minimum entry requirements set for the chosen programme. For applicants who do not meet the entry requirements of the preferred programme, we will recommend other programmes that match your qualifications. Applicants must complete the Pre-Assessment Form with correct information and upload the relevant examination results.

For UTM & UMPSA programme, you may apply now with your SPM Trial Results.

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