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Why UTeM

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Established on 1st December 2000 as the 1st Technical Public University in Malaysia. Located in the UNESCO world heritage city of Melaka, Set within 766 acres of lush verdant landscape boasting state-of-the art facilities in all its seven faculties.

As a Focus University, UTeM boasts strengths in technical fields – namely Engineering, IT, and Management Technology. UTeM has cemented a reputation of being a source of high-quality engineering graduates with the capability of meeting the requirements of high-tech industries. UTeM also has research competencies in areas that it has identified as being key to enhancing the University’s unique proposition and also contributes to the nation such as Green Technology, Systems Engineering, Human-Technology Interaction, and Emerging Technology.

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

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UTeM Bachelor's Degree Programme

Why you should choose UTeM Bachelor's Degree programme? 

Technical and Engineering Focus: 
UTeM is known for its strong emphasis on technical and engineering fields. If you have an interest in these areas, UTeM's specialized programs can provide you with in-depth knowledge and skills relevant to the industry.


Reputation and Accreditation: 
UTeM is a reputable public university in Malaysia, and its programmes are all accredited by the MQA, ensuring high-quality education.

Industry Connections: 
UTeM often collaborates closely with industries, offering students access to internships, industrial training, and potential job opportunities. This connection with the industry can enhance your employability upon graduation.


Research Opportunities: 
UTeM places importance on research and innovation. As a student, you may have the chance to engage in research projects and contribute to advancements in your field.


State-of-the-Art Facilities: 
UTeM's modern facilities, laboratories, and workshops can provide you with hands-on experience and practical skills.


Experienced Faculty: 
The university have experienced and qualified faculty members who can offer valuable insights and mentorship throughout your academic journey.


UTeM is situated in Melaka, a historically and culturally rich city in Malaysia. The location offers access to various historical sites and recreational activities, contributing to a well-rounded student life.


Strong Alumni Network: 
UTeM have a strong and active alumni network, which can provide support and networking opportunities for current students and graduates.


Career Support Services: 
The university offer comprehensive career support services, including job fairs, workshops, and counseling, to assist students in their career planning and job search.


Programmes Offered

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Honours

  • Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering with Honours

  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology (Communication) with Honours

  • Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with Honours

  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours


  • Bachelor of Technopreneurship with Honours

  • Bachelor of Technology Management (High Technology Marketing) with Honours

  • Bachelor of Management (Technology Innovation) with Honours

  • Bachelor of Management (Supply Chain Management and Logistics) with Honours


  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Networking)

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Development)

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Security)

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